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Focal point- Italy from the Inside

Focal point- Italy from the InsideFor some reason, I just love this building and the fact that there’s absolutely nothing on it except for a beautiful wrought iron window and, right in the middle, the image of the Madonna con bambino. If the intention was to create an interesting and sacred focal point I think they nailed it. Don’t you think?


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Houses of color- Italy from the Inside

Houses of color- Italy from the Inside

Yellow, blue, orange, green… These are the colors that have been used for the newly restored houses in the oldest neighborhoods of Trieste.

Red orange- Italy from the InsideBesides the architectural aspect, which makes them already a pleasure to look at, these bold colors are a statement of artistic bravery.

The door- Italy from the InsideNot to mention the entry doors… but that’s another blog post.

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Ospedale- Italy from the Inside

Ospedale- Italy from the InsideI’m back from Italy. Actually, I have been back for a while, but now with the kids in school I can say that I’m officially back to normal. The photo above is one of the memories I’ve taken with me from my “vacation” in Italy this past July. I say “vacation” because my month there has actually been a going back and forth to and from the hospital where my Mom was recovering after she underwent a surgery she had to have to fix a broken femur (she fell 3 days before my arrival and was released from the hospital 3 days before my departure, how about that?). Since the visiting hours went from 12.30pm to 3pm, every time I entered into the lobby I was wrapped by the smell of freshly baked pizza, straight from the oven. A pizzeria in the hospital. Non male, non male.