An entire street reserved to scooters


Scooter parking- Italy from the InsideIl motorino. This is how the scooter is mainly known in Italy. The number of motorini in Italy is so great that some cities, like Trieste, have decided to turn entire streets into scooter parkings. And yet, sometimes not even that is enough: note the first two scooters on the right and how they are parked outside the marked spaces. Or the one at the end of the walking corridor. That guy clearly preferred to park in “pole position”.

THE Italian truck


Ape Piaggio- Italy from the Inside

It is small, not too fast and it buzzes around. Yes, it is the ape (bee) but also the Ape (Piaggio), the Italian truck by definition. Born in 1948 with the goal of providing an inexpensive mean of freight transportation to help Italians during the economical reconstruction of the post-war years, today it has become an icon. Tireless, it still buzzes around on the Italians roads.

Our paperless trip to Rome

ColosseoDuring the Christmas holidays, I decided to take the kids to visit a friend of mine in Latina, located a few kilometers south of Rome. Obviously, being so close to the Eternal City, we spent two nights in the Capital as well.

The interesting thing about our trip though, was the fact that I didn’t bring one single piece of paper with me, since all the tickets I had were electronically stored in my iPhone, more exactly in my Dropbox account.

First the train tickets: we took a Trenitalia train from Trieste to Venezia and then its private competitor Italotreno from Venezia to Rome.

Trenitalia sent me both a text message and an email with the confirmation code:


Once onboard, the train attendant simply entered the reservation code in their mobile  check-in device. Same thing for Italotreno, which sent me a PDF file via email:

Italotreno reservation

As for a place to stay, I used Venere for my search and found a beautiful B&B near the Coliseum: the Relais Rome Sweet Home. And as for the examples above, I got an email with a reservation code and additional details that I transferred to my iPhone.

Relais Rome Sweet HomeWe stayed in a 4th floor suite, a beautiful apartment with the kitchen on the loft…

relais Rome Sweet Home …terracotta floors and…

Relais Rome Sweet Home…exposed wood beamed ceilings. We loved staying here, the location was fantastic and staying in a XV century building really completed our Roman experience.

Last paperless ticket was the one I purchased to visit the Sistine Chapel.

Cappella Sistina prenotazioneThis is something any tourist who is planning to visit the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums (and/or any other important museum) should do. The line outside the entrance was incredibly long (and slow), but with our prepaid ticket, that they scanned directly from my iPhone, we got in extremely fast.

Overall, a pleasant and efficient experience that saved us time and trees.  If you are planning to take public transportation in Italy, consider purchasing our newly released eBook that covers in great detail how to take advantage of trains, ferries, cabs and planes to move around the country.