Where to find the best online maps of Italy (video)

If you are looking for great maps of Italy, the Internet is the place to go. We’ve done a video review of the best two free online mapping services available: Google Maps and Microsoft Local Live Search powered by the new 3D engine Microsoft Virtual Earth. You’ll be surprised how far these tools have evolved in providing you with beautiful maps, aerial views, directions from / to different locations and businesses search ability.
Enjoy the best maps of Italy!

– Can’t see the video? Watch it from YouTube
iPod version (MP4 – 16Mb)
Zune version (WMV – 5Mb)

Microsoft Photosynth: turning photos into 3D spaces

Microsoft Live Labs has released today a preview of a new media technology called Photosynth. What it does is reconstructing 3D spaces from photo collections created by different people about the same subject. You can zoom in/out, pan, view scenes from different angles.
Two of the examples on the Photosynth site are about Piazza San Marco in Venice and Piazza San Pietro in Rome. The application is really impressive. I don’t just say that because I work for Microsoft; this is really a must see technology preview if you are into travel and photography (requires a broadband connection).
If you leave your comments here, I’ll make sure to pass them along to the Photosynth folks.