There’s always room for dessert

I recently went to a Pizzeria with some friends and finally, after years, I was able to enjoy one of my favorite desserts: the profiteroles.
Profiteroles are small round puffs either filled with pastry cream or whipped cream, and covered with a chocolate sauce. Whipped cream is also used to add sweetness, decoration and calories…
Don’t forget to order some next time you go to an Italian Pizzeria!

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Pizzeria ‘Da Mario’ (video)

My friend and co-worker Mario Esposito comes from Salerno, a city nearby Naples, in the heart of Southern Italy. Mario is a unique individual with a high-tech vision, yet deep Italian roots and traditions.

This weekend, I had the pleasure to join one of his Pizza-parties at his house. Mario built a wood burning oven with imported bricks from Italy. In essence, he re-created the experience of a real Italian pizzeria in his backyard.
As one of the twenty lucky invitees, I was asked to sign up on his private pizza-party social network site, where every person could check off the ingredients that they volunteered to buy. Then the video (in Italian) explains the rest. Enjoy!

– Can’t see the video? Watch it from YouTube
iPod version (MP4 – 23Mb)
Zune version (WMV – 20Mb)