A pizza that doesn’t look like a pizza

Calzone- Italy from the Inside

Photo by Francesca Tosolini

Il calzone is one of the most popular pizzas in Italy, even though it doesn’t really look like one. In fact, it is a folded pizza that is usually filled with tomato sauce, ricotta cheese, baked ham, and mozzarella.

{This is an excerpt from chapter 3 “Italian cuisine and food establishments” of the eBook “Italy from the Inside. A native Italian reveals the secrets of traveling in Italy”}

Back from my “vacation” in Italy

Ospedale- Italy from the InsideI’m back from Italy. Actually, I have been back for a while, but now with the kids in school I can say that I’m officially back to normal. The photo above is one of the memories I’ve taken with me from my “vacation” in Italy this past July. I say “vacation” because my month there has actually been a going back and forth to and from the hospital where my Mom was recovering after she underwent a surgery she had to have to fix a broken femur (she fell 3 days before my arrival and was released from the hospital 3 days before my departure, how about that?). Since the visiting hours went from 12.30pm to 3pm, every time I entered into the lobby I was wrapped by the smell of freshly baked pizza, straight from the oven. A pizzeria in the hospital. Non male, non male.


There’s always room for dessert

I recently went to a Pizzeria with some friends and finally, after years, I was able to enjoy one of my favorite desserts: the profiteroles.
Profiteroles are small round puffs either filled with pastry cream or whipped cream, and covered with a chocolate sauce. Whipped cream is also used to add sweetness, decoration and calories…
Don’t forget to order some next time you go to an Italian Pizzeria!

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