Coffee to go in Italy

Coffee to go in Italy- Italy from the Inside

Photo by Francesca Tosolini

Italians don’t bring their coffee wherever they go and the big insulated travel mugs, that are so popular in the States, are definitely not a part of the Italian culture. However, sometimes you may see some people ordering their coffee at the bar and then taking it away. When that happens, it comes in this size.

{This is an excerpt from chapter 4 “Gelaterie and coffee houses” of the eBook “Italy from the Inside. A native Italian reveals the secrets of traveling in Italy”}

Coffee here, coffee there, coffee everywhere

Macchinetta caffe- Italy From the Inside

Everybody knows that Italians are coffee lovers and yet, for some reasons, I was surprised to see this coffee vending machine in my son’s elementary school. However, it all makes sense: the pausa caffè (coffee break) is a must in Italy, therefore why not to give the school staff the chance to enjoy their daily caffettino in a super fast and easy way, and without leaving the premises? Bellissimo.

The Italian bar

Liquors in a bar- Italy from the Inside

What we call “coffee house” in the States is known as “bar” in Italy. Or at least it’s something like that, because any establishment that offers coffee, offers liquors as well. As a matter of fact some people like to add a shot of liquor to their espresso, especially after a good meal.