Ape: the Italian truck

The Ape is a landmark of the Italian roads. Built by Piaggio, the same manufacturer of the Vespa scooter, it’s still a fairly popular transportation vehicle for light cargo. Compared to the gigantic US and Japanese trucks, the Ape with its 50cc engine is a far economical option … and easier to park too.

The best dryer is the sun (and it’s free)

What’s the deal of hanging your underwear outside your window? Let’s face it: dryers are a nice invention that haven’t conquered Italy yet. Most of Italian housewives will claim that dryers can damage delicate garment (which is true), and natural air is the best and most economical drying process. Reality is that condos in Italy are quite small, and there is no left space for nice-to-have appliances. Just another enjoyable experience of walking on Italian streets…