The best dryer is the sun (and it’s free)

What’s the deal of hanging your underwear outside your window? Let’s face it: dryers are a nice invention that haven’t conquered Italy yet. Most of Italian housewives will claim that dryers can damage delicate garment (which is true), and natural air is the best and most economical drying process. Reality is that condos in Italy are quite small, and there is no left space for nice-to-have appliances. Just another enjoyable experience of walking on Italian streets…

I love Prosciutto Crudo

If you love food like I do, you’re probably a fan of Prosciutto Crudo. What my friend Marino Buzzi is showing in this picture is the famous Prosciutto di Parma, which is produced in central Italy, near a city called Parma. The ideal atmosphere of this area is the key ingredient for a successful curing of the ham, which process lasts no less than 13 months.

It’s a boy!

At a time when blogs, web sites and digital photos can reach the furthest friends around the world, you may still miss the chance to let your neighbors know about your greatest news ever: your kid is born. Colored bows (blu = boy, pink = girl) attached to doors or anything that moves (car antennas, scooters, etc.) are the best way to advertise the happy news. The rest organically happens when your favorite butcher, postman or hairdresser will spread the news to their customers. That’s what I call social tam tam.