Our first Kindle eBook – Tips for the Table: All You Need to Know When Dining Out in Italy

We’re delighted to announce our first eBook for Kindle titled “Tips for the Table: All You Need to Know When Dining Out in Italy“.

Take this eBook with you during your next trip to Italy. It’ll help you explore restaurants and pizzerie with the comfort of acting like a local.

Learn Italian words and phrases in an easy-to-learn setting, while discovering Italian customs and etiquette. This eBook even features ready-to-use translated sentences that will prevent potential misunderstandings at the restaurant. No worries about pronunciation!

Topics covered:

  • Table charges and tipping
  • Beverages
  • Dining Italian style
  • The Italian menu
  • Pizza
  • Restaurants naming conventions
  • Cultural facts
  • Useful phrases
  • Glossary

Priced at an affordable $0.99, this eBook features more than 50+ pages, 24 original photos and a glossary of 90+ useful Italian words. We welcome your comments as well as your Amazon reviews!

Italian for Kids: How to play Bocce (video)

Do you enjoy playing bowling indoor? If so, how about playing Bocce outdoor? If you don’t know this game, here is the opportunity to familiarize with a social activity originating from Italy.

In this brief video, our daughter Silvia gives you a brief demonstration of how to play Bocce including some of the basic rules of the game. Enjoy!

(Can’t see the video? Watch it from YouTube)

Italian for Kids: The Human Body (video)

How do you name the different parts of the human body in Italian?
My daughter Silvia Tosolini (who was 7 when I filmed her) invites you to learn how to pronounce them correctly. Please let her if you like her shows by leaving a comment here or on YouTube.

Can’t see the video? Watch it from YouTube
iPod / iPhone version (MP4 – 16Mb)