Italy Safety Tips for Kids (video)

A family trip to Italy is a joyful event. If your kids are as young as mine (3 and 6 years old), then you probably already expect to devote some extra attention to prevent they could get lost in some crowded tourist attraction, market or local event.
I’ve asked my daughter Silvia to share on camera some tips and simple Italian phrases that your kids may learn ahead of time in order to minimize some of these worries.

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Buone Feste!

How do you say Merry Christmas in Italian?
There are a couple of ways to convey your best wishes for the holidays in Italian. You can say Buon Natale which strictly means Merry Christmas, or Buon Anno which means Happy New Year. Or you can combine the two greetings together and say Buone Feste.
And this is what we, the staff at, want to wish you all: Buone Feste and thanks for supporting our efforts in sharing via this blog, podcasts, and eBook some insights on the fascinating Italian culture.