The old “wasp”

Orange Vespa- Italy from the Inside

You may already know that I have a passion for old Fiat 500s, but when it comes to the due ruote (two wheels) the old Vespa (in English Wasp) is for me and will always be the one and only. I have many memories linked to it, even though I never, ever drove it. Can you believe it? An Italian who loves the Vespa and never drove it? Now I do feel down. I need a spoon of Nutella to cheer me up…

La festa della donna

Mimosa- Italy from the Inside

Today the world celebrates the International Women’s Day and in Italy many donne will receive the mimosa, a yellow flower that symbolizes the woman’s strength and femininity. It looks like the mimosa was chosen by Italian women right after the end of WW2, because it is one of the few plants to be in bloom in early March.
Buona festa della donna to all women around the world!

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Il Carnevale di Muggia

Carnevale di Muggia-Italy From The Inside

Muggia, a small town in the outskirts of Trieste, is well known for its Carnival parade. For the past 61 years, 8 teams have competed to win the contest, and every year they attract thousands of people that patiently await at the sides of the main street to see the dances and jokes of the participants in disguise. It is a fun event, with music, dances and good food. And, as usual, it is a chance to meet friends and spend some cheerful moments together.