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I already mentioned in a previous post the requirement for all train passengers to punch their tickets before they get on board. The reason why I’m reposting this important detail is that TreniItalia, the organization that runs all trains in Italy, just raised their fines if you forget to validate your ticket.

The increase is significant, from €25 to €200 (which translates in $300 these days). If you pay the fine within 15 days then the amount is going to be reduced to €100, if you pay on the spot or at the final destination it is reduced to €50.

Should you forget to punch your ticket, a best practice is to inform the ticket conductor right away. While there is no guarantee that you’ll avoid the fine (multa), it might help demonstrate your overall good faith.

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What do Italian families do at 8pm every day? They dine together and watch the evening news (Telegiornale).
RAI is the Italian public TV network and encompasses three main channels: RAI 1, RAI 2 and RAI3. While all three channels collaborate on reporting national and local news, they have been historically characterized by different political views of their respective newsroom management.

Nevertheless, RAI has stepped up considerably their commitment to Internet programming and they have been publishing online a wide variety of shows including my favorite Telegiornale, called TG1.

Here is how you can watch it too. Go to RAI Web site and click on the TG1 icon indicated by the arrow.

The latest TG1 video edition will show up in a pop up window and stream for 30 mins (you may need to enable pop ups for this site).
Don’t forget to browse around for a wealth of other TV and radio shows including documentaries and cartoons for the youngest. Yes, everything is in Italian of course…