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Navigating through content on a blog is not easy. The chronological nature of postings suggests to follow new topics as they get published. But as the number of postings grows, this method becomes impractical. Tags (e.g. food, trains, lifestyle, etc.) may help some too.

Search is the best solution. That’s why we implemented a new Search box on this blog. It makes your life easier to find what you need among the 100+ currently available and future postings. And you can extend your search on a number of other hand-picked Italy travel sites that we consider authoritative.

A side benefit for us is also learning what are the most popular searches. This will help us figuring out possible new topics to cover. E.g. in the past few days some of the most popular searches have been Italian food, hand gestures, goodbye in Italian and chinotto.

Please tell us if you know of any useful Italy travel site that we should add to our extended Search network.

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Many people are surprised when, after paying for coffee or whatever you had at a bar, the cashier puts the change on a small plate next to the register instead of giving it directly to you.
The plate creates a kind of “transition area” for the money going from you to the cashier and, as in the case of your change, from the cashier back to you. This “plate rule” actually applies to most stores.
Thanks to our reader Caroline in California for suggesting this new blog topic. Got questions about the Italian culture? Write us and preview a chapter of our eBook for free.

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I’ve been playing with my iPhone for over a week now, and I’ve to say that I like it a lot.
I spent some time brainstorming new interesting ways to use this device in preparation for a trip to Italy.
Here are a few ideas that came to my mind:
– Listen to Italian music (get into the Dolce Vita mood)
– Watch an Italian movie converted from a DVD
– Practice your Italian with a language podcast (for your kids there is my daughter Silvia)
– Watch a travel podcast from Rick Steves’ (or one of ours)
– Browse pictures of Italy and dream about your next trip
– Store a photo of your passport (just in case)
– Use the Google mapping feature to study your itinerary (even point to point directions)
– Write some last minute ideas using the note taking feature
Take our eBook with you (yes, the iPhone can view PDF files)
– Store useful contact information of restaurants, hotels, friends, etc.
– Download some audio guides for the key attractions
– Use it as an alarm clock
– Take some pictures of your trip
– Find out what’s the weather like in Rome
– Calculate the conversion rate from Euros in Dollars
– Make your friends jelous by sending them an email / SMS from the airport
– Use the calendar to plan your days
– Browse the internet to find out about the latest train strike
– or just use it as a phone (careful about those international charges!)

Unlike my video iPod, the iPhone doesn’t work as a backup storage for my digital pictures. Oh well…
Did I forget anything else in my list?