The original Nutella

Nutella, the creamy chocolaty hazelnut spread, can be found in many US grocery stores. But, if you ever tried the original Italian Nutella, you’ll notice right away that the Nutella made by Ferrero USA has a taste modified to please American consumers, with an emphasis on peanut butter. During your trip to Italy, make room in your suitcase for a small jar of the original Italian Nutella. Francesca, in her new ebook, is also talking about other 10 must-bring-home products from Italy.

Don’t ask for Pasta Alfredo, please…

My wife is collecting in her new ebook a variety of misinterpretations of Italian cuisine. Today it’s the turn of … Pasta Alfredo.
Alfredo Sauce or, Salsa Alfredo, is more of a myth than a reality and you are not going to find it in any real Italian recipe books. There is a restaurant in Rome which makes the original fettuccine Alfredo, but that is made with butter and Parmesan cheese. The only product that somehow resembles Salsa Alfredo (Alfredo Sauce) is called panna (which is a thicker version of whipping cream). I suggest you do not ask for Alfredo Sauce when you are in a restaurant because the vast majority of the people will not know what you are talking about.

I love Prosciutto Crudo

If you love food like I do, you’re probably a fan of Prosciutto Crudo. What my friend Marino Buzzi is showing in this picture is the famous Prosciutto di Parma, which is produced in central Italy, near a city called Parma. The ideal atmosphere of this area is the key ingredient for a successful curing of the ham, which process lasts no less than 13 months.