Bruschetta: so simple and so good

Bruschetta is an extremely simple appetizer to make. Yet, every time my mom does it, it tastes so original and so good. The secret is all in the quality of the two key ingredients: ripe tomatoes and olive oil. This year for the first time I tried to grow my own tomatoes. The difference between the home grown fruits and those purchased at the store was like day and night. We only use imported extra virgin olive oil at home, often brought back from one of our trips overseas. Don’t settle for an average bruschetta. Strive for quality of the few basic ingredients and avoid the temptation to add more ingredients in lieu of quality.

Watch out for that big P

In Italy, you can start driving at 18. Students in the process of getting their license, can drive dad’s car (with daddy inside) if they display a big letter ‘P‘ on the back of the car. P stands for principiante, that is beginner. The journey to graduate to ‘crazy Italian driver’ implies the following next steps:
– get the license
– get rid of the un-cool P sticker
– convince daddy that there is no need to come along anymore

A very personal encounter: the bidet

Bidets are extremely popular low-mounted plumbing fixtures that you’ll find in almost any private house in Italy. Wikipedia can give you the full history of this very useful device, which I missed tremendously when I first moved to USA. You should consider giving it a try, if it’s available in your hotel room. Upon your return, you may be tempted to consider installing one in you new remodeled bathroom (and that’s exactly what I did in my house…).