A very personal encounter: the bidet

Bidets are extremely popular low-mounted plumbing fixtures that you’ll find in almost any private house in Italy. Wikipedia can give you the full history of this very useful device, which I missed tremendously when I first moved to USA. You should consider giving it a try, if it’s available in your hotel room. Upon your return, you may be tempted to consider installing one in you new remodeled bathroom (and that’s exactly what I did in my house…).

Sunday flea markets

In US, we call them Flea Markets, but in Italy they are known as Mercatini dell’antiquariato. Each town has it’s own mercatino, usually happening on Sundays and on a monthly recurrence. It’s a boon for tourists who want to bring home a piece of contemporary Italian history. Before you leave, try to Google for ‘Mercati fiere’ and add the name of the city you are going to visit. You’ll likely end up with several relevant links to lists of local events you may be interested to attend. Of course, none of these information is in English 🙁