A pretty balcony


Wrought iron balcony- Italy from the Inside

Guess what I was trying to emphasize in this photo… Right, the wrought iron balcony. The fact is that I love this balcony, particularly the two candelabra, which makes it look very much “Beauty and the Beast”. And maybe the reality is not that far from the fiction: it seems that a very solitary and rich man used to live in this building. After he died, his coffin abruptly fell on the ground during the funeral procession and his corpse rolled down the hill. Oops.



  1. Judy says

    I love this balcony,so charming, jeepers I cannot imagine his cold lifeless body rolling down the hill, that must have been some sight to see !! Seems like he was a very stiff person in life , he would have sat up at the end of the rolling & bolted up the hill right after the pall bearers and pummeled them down the hill!!

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