THE Italian truck


Ape Piaggio- Italy from the Inside

It is small, not too fast and it buzzes around. Yes, it is the ape (bee) but also the Ape (Piaggio), the Italian truck by definition. Born in 1948 with the goal of providing an inexpensive mean of freight transportation to help Italians during the economical reconstruction of the post-war years, today it has become an icon. Tireless, it still buzzes around on the Italians roads.


  1. says

    Francesca, my wife fell in love with these when she first saw them. She has always said, if we ever get a home in Italy, this will be a purchase. I have seen them carrying almost anything and am amazed at the simplicity and utilitarian design.

    • Francesca Tosolini says

      I agree with you Greg, they are great! In the 80s they were even a trend among young folks in my city, Trieste. They were buying them instead of the “motorino” and then revamp them with the most unusual colors. I was tempted myself to do the same…

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