Same holiday but with a different flavor: Valentine’s day in Italy

Valentine's- Italy From The Inside


Today my kids came home from school with a bag full of Valentine’s cards and candies (which I will quietly make disappear overnight, with love obviously…). This made me think how different this same holiday is in Italy, where we exclusively celebrate with someone we are romantically involved with.

I’ve never exchanged affection cards with my classmates for example, not to mention within my family, and quite honestly if I only picture my brother’s face while I handle him a love card I LOL.

Yes, we do buy the usual teddy bear (the famous dust-collector-teddy bear), the heart shaped chocolate (more appreciated, at least you can eat it…) or we simply go out to dinner (mangiare bene is the best of the best naturalmente).

And yes, stores may have some red and pink decorations or items for sale, but their quantity is not even close to the massive amount you see here.

And yet, Italians are among the most romantic people in the world. Buon San Valentino.

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