Feeling like Julia Roberts…

Antipasto prosciutto e mozzarella- Italy From The Inside

If you have seen the movie “Eat, pray and love” you probably remember the scene in which Julia Roberts was sitting on the floor in a Roman apartment eating a very light and simple meal all by herself. And yet, despite being in complete solitude, she was enjoying every bite of it.

Well, I felt pretty much like that the day I prepared this dish. I wasn’t sitting on the floor or anything like that, but I certainly was in complete solitude (a.k.a. kids were at school) and I was eating a very simple dish made of mozzarella di bufala, mini scamorza cheese, succulent black olives and the always winning grissini with prosciutto crudo. The basil was there for decoration, but eventually I attacked it and ate that as well.

These are what we call “le piccole gioie della vita” (the little joys of life).

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