Bru… what?

Bruschetta rucola e stracchino- Italy From The Inside

If you are Italian and live in the States, you have probably shivered every time you heard the word bruschetta during a commercial. Here’s the thing: in Italian the syllable “sche” is pronounced “ske”, so you have to say brusKetta.

However, to make it fair, just know that Italians, for example, pronounce the famous Colgate toothpaste as Colgut-ay.

That said, if you happen to have some stracchino or crescenza (a soft and creamy cheese unfortunately still hard to find in the States), try it on some toasted bread and top it off with rucola. Buona brusKetta a tutti.


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    Bruschetta is an amazing and delicious dish, and a lot of people don’t know how to pronounce it properly with commercials like the one you mentioned as culprits in cultivating such a mistake. However, regardless of how you pronounce it, bruschetta will always be a delicious, healthy, and light meal that can be perfect as an accompaniment to coffee, pasta, or a meal in itself.

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