Italians are social animals

If there’s something I love about Italy and that I sometimes miss when I’m in the States is the social life, the fact that you run into people virtually every time you walk on the street without planning it.

I love to see elderly people gathering around a red check tablecloth, sipping a glass of red wine, nibbling on some tartine, laughing and joking.

I love to run into an old friend of mine that I haven’t seen in more than 15 years, then seeing her again two days later and finally finding out that she is one of the teachers in my son’s elementary school.

I love to stop by the pizzeria al taglio in my neighborhood and have a friendly chat with the lady behind the counter (who sells the best pizza in town) and that I know since the times I was studying at the university.

And even though I don’t go to bars (which are coffee houses where they sell alcohol as well) I love to think that some people go there because they feel lonely and they know that they can find someone to spend a few minutes (or even hours) with.

Italians really are social animals, they love people, they love to talk to people and be with them.


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    Even though we don’t know many Italians personally yet, and our language skills are still “in development,” I love the focus on getting out of the house, taking the passagiata, popping into a bar, and even just watching others enjoy the socialization. We find Italians are usually interested and willing to engage in conversation and not so busy they don’t have time to stop, to help, to enjoy. Thanks for all of your wonderful posts. We love it here, too!

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    The Italian love for the social life reminds me of the Spanish. My mother is from Spain and I see a lot of similarities between both cultures. I love that people stop to socialize. In most countries, people live such hurried lives that they don’t make time for such things. I definitely have to book a trip to Italy soon! 🙂

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    So true. I was so surprised when I first went to a coffee bar in Italy. Everybody was talking! Nobody was on their PC or phone, nobody was lingering around to quietly read a book. There isn’t even WiFi in most bars. Although I miss this type of “lounge coffee bar” in the U.S., it’s nice to see people actually talking to one another.

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