Italian for Kids: the Months of the Year (video)

How do you call the twelve months of the year in Italian? In this short video, our daughter Silvia is teaching us just that, by adding some creativity (and technology) in her communications.

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(Can’t see the video? Watch it from YouTube)


  1. Sharon Rogers says

    Dear Tosolini Family,
    I live in Carson City, Nevada, and my son, who lives in Pistoia, Italy, has dual citizenship, as do his two children. His wife is a native of Naples. Their home is bilingual, like yours. I have enjoyed watching Silvia’s videos, because she makes me think of my grandchildren and she has helped me to learn Italian. I was struck by how beautiful she has become and how much older she looks. It always surprises me how fast our grandchildren grow and change. Thank you for all of your tips over the years.
    Sharon Rogers

    • says

      Thanks Sharon for the kind feedback. I’m surprised myself how quickly kids grow up and how important is to offer them a variety of life experiences. We hope to be able to continue producing more videos with Silvia.

  2. says

    Oddly enough I just found you guy through YouTube. I was looking for italian language learning tools to watch with my toddler son and your beautiful little girl popped up. He LOVES the car video. Thank you so much for it. Nothing can captivate his attention like anything with wheels. We will be working our way through your videos as we prepare for our trip to Italy this October.
    I hope you don’t mind but I linked back to you in a language series I have been working on for my own blog as we prepare for our travels. Your site is such a great resource I wanted to share it with other parents.

  3. ania says

    Thanks for all this presentations. We were preparing for trip with our 4 years old and searching for some lessons for kids, you appeared and…
    we were ready for the trip.each of us knew what he needed. The most wanted thing in Italy was: parco giochi! and altalena, and…all the stuff you showed. It was brilliant!
    All the best to all of You!

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