How to say Happy Holidays in Italian

Paolo Tosolini Francesca Silvia Alessio
How can you say ‘Happy Holidays’ in Italian? Here are a few words that are commonly used this time around:

Merry Christmas – Buon Natale
Happy Holidays – Buone Feste
Happy New Year – Buon Anno
New Year’s eve – Capodanno
Best wishes for 2008 – I migliori auguri per il 2008
Filled with joy and peace – Pieno di gioia e serenita’

Our editorial staff Francesca and Paolo together with our associate podcaster Silvia, 7 (and future talent Alessio, 4) augurano a tutti voi Buone Feste!


  1. says

    Buon Natale!!
    I found your blog by doing a search on Italy. Love it!! My husband is from Molise a small town called San Polo Matese. I read all of your posts on Italy and it just brought me back a lot of beautiful memories. It's been a year 1/2 since we've been there.
    I'm going to add you to my blog, ciao!

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