How do you say ‘Goodbye’ in Italian? Ask Google…

: Click here to watch a video on How to say Goodbye in Italian.

Did you ever need to do a quick word translation or a simple currency conversion? Google has been offering for some time a few useful extensions to its Search engine that may just be what you need. Google language tools lets you translate text or entire Web pages in 9 different languages. I tried English to Italian and the results are good for single words, but fairly inaccurate for entire sentences.
The Currency Conversion feature performs quite well. Check out how much is ‘1 Euro in USD‘ at today’s exchange rate. These services are also available via SMS using your US cell phone.


  1. Anonymous says

    Dear Paolo & Francesca,
    I want to say something romantic to someone I am falling for. he does not know yet my feelings for him, so if I tell him something sweet in Italian it will stay a secret that much longer! I think the Italian language is the most beautiful of all the languages. Please send me something perfect.
    many Thanks,
    Still Shy

  2. Anonymous says

    Many Thanks Paolo & Francesa,
    Things are going well with my "Crush". Each day after a hard day at work I look forward to getting home and reading my email from my friend. He has really caught on to using a romantic italian word or 2 in each message. It has become our "secret" language. Do you have a particular favorite romantic saying in italian? keep in mind we are in the very early stages of our relationship, and though it is very exciting we are not ready for any phrases which include love.
    Thank you both,
    Still Shy

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