The original Nutella

Nutella, the creamy chocolaty hazelnut spread, can be found in many US grocery stores. But, if you ever tried the original Italian Nutella, you’ll notice right away that the Nutella made by Ferrero USA has a taste modified to please American consumers, with an emphasis on peanut butter. During your trip to Italy, make room in your suitcase for a small jar of the original Italian Nutella. Francesca, in her new ebook, is also talking about other 10 must-bring-home products from Italy.


  1. Marie says

    H E L P ?!!!
    Can anyone tell me if there is peanut oil,or peanuts in Italian Nutella? Our daughter grew up on both Italian and states versions until she has come down with terrible reactions to peanuts.She is in Rome studying from Feb. to May, 2007. She would love to eat the Nutella if there is no peanut or peanut oil or perhaps soy in it.
    Thanks so very much.

  2. Anonymous says

    Italian Nutella doesn't contain peanuts at all (and I'm just shocked Ferrero made a different USA version)! It contains nuts and it's all related to Ferrero's native italian region (wich is also mine, I live in Turin): Piemonte. Piemonte's nuts are considered the finest in the whole world (it's all thanks to our particular climate and soil), here the "gianduja" chocolate was invented: for the first time ever, chocolate and nuts were mixed together. Ferrero started selling a gianduja-like chocolate, very similiar to Nutella, in small shops (it didn't even had a label on it). After World War II Ferrero started exporting its products and slowly became a giant, they also created the famous kids-oriented Kinder brand. They STILL use nuts from Piemonte for their italian products.

  3. Anonymous says

    Almost forgot… Complimenti per il blog, per la prima volta vedo smitizzare alcune assurdità tutte americane come la Pasta Alfredo (e che dire del Chicken Parmesan?). Adoro gli americani, proprio per questo mi dispiace che le loro idee sull'Italia siano tanto confuse… andate avanti così e salvate più gente possibile dai prodotti fasulli che girano negli USA! 😉

  4. Anonymous says

    Where can I find the Italian version of nutella in Bellevue, wa? I know I can get it in Seattle…but I'd rather not make a trip there just for a jar of nutella!

  5. Anonymous says

    Could you please let me know if Nutella is suitable for vegetarians. Whey powder, one of the ingredients, is invariably a by-product of the cheese making process which mainly uses animal rennet and I'm not sure whether Ferrero uses vegetarian whey.

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