Ape: the Italian truck

The Ape is a landmark of the Italian roads. Built by Piaggio, the same manufacturer of the Vespa scooter, it’s still a fairly popular transportation vehicle for light cargo. Compared to the gigantic US and Japanese trucks, the Ape with its 50cc engine is a far economical option … and easier to park too.


  1. Mark Blake says

    I would like to buy an Ape, preferably a second hand one to use at my house, close to Lanciano in Chieti, Abruzzo.
    I there one mpodel available to accomodate 3 people?

  2. Clifford Harbinson says

    Ciao Mark – got your name from the sign outside your new house – seems like we’re going to be neighbours – we’re renovating a house nearby – have been living in Archi for 6 years. If you are serious about the Ape I can look into it for you but I would suggest a 4×4 Panda for all seasons. I’ve seen 3 people squashed into an Ape but this is Italy and you will see many strange sites.

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